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 DFY  Video Reel Templates Bundle Goes LIVE in... 


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What is DFY  Video Reels Template Pack?

The EDITABLE Video Reels Bundle is a newly created pack of 50 DFY Video Reel templates ready

to customize in Canva and deploy within minutes! 


What makes this pack really special is that using Visual Content is one of the most effective

ways to generate viral social traffic, engage with your audience, and enhance your authority.

It has become widely accepted that posting fresh content to Social Media platforms is now an essential part of a marketer's daily tasks. This can be very time-consuming and become very expensive if outsourced. 


This bundle of 50 Editable Video Reels is perfect for your customers who want to expedite their social media content deployment and also don't want to appear on camera or do complex video editing. The customizable content comprises:-


30 Inspirational Sayings  Templates.


Use these as 'scroll stoppers', everyone loves to read a great quote or to be pumped up by an inspirational saying. 

10 Call To Action Templates 


Visually eye-catching the Call To Action video reels can be customized to meet your business and marketing requirements.


5 Thought Provoking Questions Templates


Asking questions is a great way to drive massive amounts of engagement with your audience.
Just look on any social media platform, people are not short of an opinion :-)  Simple YES or NO questions if framed correctly are also a very powerful way to tap into the desires of your market.


5 Testimonial Templates 


Social proof is, without doubt, one of the major contributing factors when looking to secure a sale, if not a little boring to look at. Tear up the rulebook and turn this typically mundane part of the sales process into a vibrant and exciting feature with these attractive testimonial video reels.

The Funnel Overview


The Front End offer includes 50 newly created Editable Video Reels Templates that are fully customizable using a FREE Canva account. The Video reels are divided into Inspirational sayings / Quotes, Call To Action, Questions, and Testimonials. This will help your customers expedite their social media posting efforts thus maximizing traffic and boosting their online authority.

OTO #1 - With the DFY Quotation Video Reels  You will get the 50 Ready To Go Quotation Video Reels. simply upload to their Instagram, and Facebook social media channels to immediately boost their traffic and authority. Speed is the key with these stunning Video Reels.

OTO #2 - The DFY Multi-Platform Quotation Video Posts ( Social Media Omnipresent) 

Lets your client build on the previous bundles with an additional 50 Instagram Video Quotation Posts, 50 Facebook Video Quotation  Posts, and 50 Pinterest  Video Quotation Posts. This bundle saves your customers a massive amount of time whilst allowing them to have a consistent message across many social media platforms.

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